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Elite Program 2.0

Elite Program 2.0


Elite Program

Embark on an advanced journey into the realms of Forex trading with our newly introduced Elite Program 2.0. This course is designed for traders ready to elevate their skills and embrace the art of confluence trading, merging SMART MONEY CONCEPTS WITH PRICE ACTION TRADING.

Why Choose This Course?

Experience the fusion of Smart Money Concepts with Price Action Trading, a revolutionary approach to market analysis. Learn to identify and leverage confluences, gaining a strategic advantage in your trading.

Divided into Part A and Part B, this course offers a well-rounded education.

From the fundamentals of Forex to advanced price action techniques, dive deep into the intricacies of technical and fundamental analysis. Gain a comprehensive understanding that forms the bedrock of successful trading.

Delve into the world of Smart Money, exploring detailed market structures, and understanding supply and demand dynamics. Learn the art of retracement with multiple levels and explore groundbreaking new theories that shape modern trading strategies.

Grasp the intricacies of market structures, focusing on supply and demand in detail. Acquire the skills to identify and navigate retracements with a nuanced understanding of multiple levels.

Stay ahead of the curve by delving into new and innovative theories that shape the future of trading. This course equips you with cutting-edge knowledge to adapt to the dynamic nature of financial markets.

Benefit from expert guidance and mentorship throughout your journey. Our instructors bring years of practical experience, providing insights and strategies to navigate the complexities of confluence trading.

Choose the Elite Program 2.0 for an immersive experience that goes beyond the basics, unlocking the secrets of Smart Money Concepts and empowering you with the tools to master confluence trading.

  Introduction to Forex Market 🔒
  All About MT5 & Trading View 🔒
  Forex Analysis-Complete Guide 🔒
  All Candlestick pattern 🔒
  All Chart Partterns 🔒
  All Technical tools & Analysis / Indicators 🔒
  All About Price Action Trading 🔒
  Fib & Newly Advanced Chart 🔒
  Overview of Elliot / Dow Jones 🔒
  All About Liquidity ( Types of Manipulation ) 🔒

Confluence trading merges Smart Money concepts with price action trading. It involves identifying and leveraging confluences - the coming together of multiple factors and indicators that signal a high-probability trading opportunity.

Part A covers mastering the basics and advanced price action techniques for technical and fundamental analysis. Part B delves into Smart Money concepts, market structures, supply/demand dynamics, and theories shaping modern trading strategies.

The course provides detailed education on reading and navigating market structures by understanding supply and demand zones, retracements, liquidity, order blocks, and distribution.

Yes, the Elite Program 2.0 explores groundbreaking new theories like order flow, volume spread analysis, Wyckoff methodologies, and other concepts that give traders an edge in markets.

Yes, experienced trading mentors provide guidance throughout the course, offer insights into real-world trading, provide feedback on strategy development, and answer questions that arise along the journey.


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