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Foundation Course 1.0

Foundation Program 1.0


Foundation Program

Unlock the doors to the captivating world of Forex trading with our Foundation Program. Tailored for beginners, this comprehensive course spans 12 sessions, offering a holistic approach to understanding and mastering the art of trading.

Why Choose This Course?

Ideal for novices, this course serves as a comprehensive introduction, providing a seamless entry point into the world of Forex trading.

Dive deep into the foundations of trading with detailed fundamental analysis, equipping you with the essential knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

Gain expertise in technical analysis—the backbone of successful trading. Learn to decipher the language of charts and execute precise entry and exit points.

Navigate the markets with confidence by understanding the crucial aspects of time, money, and risk management. Learn to optimize your trading strategies for consistent success.

Acquire insights into the intricacies of supply and demand, a vital aspect of market dynamics. Sharpen your skills in identifying and leveraging these fundamental forces.

Uncover unique and effective price action strategies designed to enhance your trading precision and decision-making skills.

Receive guidance on setting up a free trading account, ensuring you're ready to apply your newfound knowledge in a practical trading environment.

Participate actively in developing trading strategies, honing your ability to craft approaches tailored to your unique trading style.

Embark on a transformative journey where each session is crafted to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the global Forex market. Choose the Foundation Program for a robust foundation in trading.

  Introduction of Forex 🔒
  All about MT4 / MT5 🔒
  Trading-view 🔒
  Forex Analysis 🔒
  Candlestick pattern 🔒
  Chart Pattern 🔒
  Trendline Support Resistance ( Indicator – Bollinger Band ) 🔒
  Indicator - Moving Average Relative Strength Index ( RSI ) MACD. 🔒
  Stochastic Indicator Volume How to Use Combination of Multiple
Indicator 🔒
  What is Price Action Trading ? Demand & Supply Best Price
Action Strategy 🔒
  How To Trade with pure Price Action Strategy Practical Session With
Back-testing. 🔒
  All About Psychology. 🔒

The Foundation Program provides a comprehensive introduction to Forex trading for beginners spanning 12 sessions. It covers fundamental and technical analysis, money and risk management, supply and demand dynamics, price action strategies, setting up a free trading account, and hands-on strategy development.

The detailed fundamental analysis section equips you with essential knowledge for making informed trading decisions. This includes understanding factors that impact currency valuations like interest rates, GDP growth, inflation, etc.

Strategic money and risk management is crucial for trading success. The program covers optimizing trading strategies for consistency by understanding the vital aspects of time, money, and risk management.

The course teaches unique and effective price action strategies designed to improve your trading precision and skills in areas like pattern recognition, support/resistance, trends, volatility, etc.

Yes, the program offers guidance on setting up a free Forex trading practice account so you can readily apply your acquired knowledge in a practical live market environment. This ensures you transition smoothly from theory to trading.


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